SteelSeries Engine 3.0

At SteelSeries, we built a brand new desktop application that would allow users to fine-tune their SteelSeries gear - mice, headsets, keyboards and more - for the best gaming performance and to show off their own style. The work below is from early in my career, roughly 2012-2016, and does not reflect today's best practices, especially as they apply to accessibility. Though in hindsight there is much I would have done differently, I am still proud of the collaboration and problem solving work I did at SteelSeries.

"Emily truly understands the power of quantitative data and gathering metrics. I remember being impressed at her usability scripting skills and the various ways she could gather non biased data. She masterfully took hours of studies and compiled them into easy to consume recommendations for stakeholders. I still use the things I learned from Emily today."

-Reina O'Meara, formerly UX Design Manager, SteelSeries

Case Study: Apex M800

Role: Design Lead
Wireframes, Prototyping, Usability Testing, High Fidelity Mock-up, Design Specs

SteelSeries Projects