Duo.com – Duo Security

In 2018, the Duo Creative Team (a division of the fully in-house marketing department) invited me to join them as a designer for Duo.com. Web design was my hobby when I was in my teens, and my interest landed me in the Human-Computer Interaction program at DePaul. I had confidently set my hat in a career as a UX/UI designer, and lo, I ended up back in web design! But this time at Duo, I had a whole crew of excellent designers, developers, and other creatives helping me hone my craft. There, I brought my user experience knowledge to our redesign process and my UI sensibility to our library of design assets.

“When it comes to front-end design, the thicket of technical debt is no match for Emily, who uses the machete of design thinking to clear away confusion, and the delicate application of clean lines, accessibility, and good taste build back the web better than before.”

-Hafsah M., formerly Designer, Duo Security Creative Team

Duo.com Homepage Redesign

Role: Design Lead
Responsive Web Design, Design Systems, Brand, Graphic Design


Role: Design Lead
Responsive Web Design, Illustration


Role: Design Lead
Responsive Web Design, Competitive Analysis, Wireframes