Why work with me?

These are the values that drive me in both my personal and professional life. If it resonates with you, then this might be the start of a beautiful collaborative relationship.

Make Friends Along the Way

I feel fortunate to have worked with and befriended many incredible people throughout my career, some of whom I now consider dear friends.

Practice Radical Acceptance

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. I extend this to my work as a practitioner of visual mediums: I include representations of all kinds of people because it contributes to normalizing radical acceptance.

Lift Others Up

I celebrate the success of those around me and generously give resources - such as time, advice, emotional labor, or money - to support others.

Say “No” to Toxic Positivity

A positive attitude is healthy, but agreeing with others to go with the flow can lead to regrettable mistakes. I raise questions and concerns to ensure all decisions are well-considered, especially when something feels off.

Stay Curious

My thirst for knowledge means I am a constant bookworm, an enthusiastic podcast listener, and a fan of educational content on video streaming platforms like YouTube. In my professional and personal life, I stay informed, learn from others, and investigate when encountering something unexpected.

Live With Gratitude

I am always mindful of the blessings in my life and the kindness shown to me. I acknowledge my gratitude as a matter of habit through words and actions.